AC Products

Miller Oil Company can keep your home comfortable year-round with a central air conditioning system.  We can design an air conditioning system tailored to the specific needs of your home, new or old.  Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery of air conditioning jobs.  Here are links to the air conditioning manufacturers we are proud to offer:


Ruud is one of North America's largest manufacturers of heating and cooling products.  Some of the most reliable, efficient and longest lasting equipment we've ever seen.


Spacepak is a high velocity system that utilizes 2 inch diameter ductwork.  Ideal for some homes where conventional ductwork is not an option.


Sanyo manufactures ductless mini split systems.  These are ultra quiet and extremely efficient.  Perfect for large rooms or open spaces!


Hart and Cooley makes all sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations of air diffusers and return grilles.  Perfect for decorating any room.


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